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Fire extinguishing systems
Fire detection systems are made to discover fires in early development. Offered systems allow for safe evacuation of occupants. These have a significant part in the safety of emergency response. They are made to detect
Co2 Gas Fire Suppression System
CO2 gas fire suppression system made specifically to cope with fire is the co2 gas fire suppression device. It comes with cylinders that can be wall-mounted. Every system in this section is distinct and utilises a certain technology. 
Mining Vehicles Fire Suppression System
Mining vehicles fire suppression system is designed to use a chemical agent to put out various types of fire. This fire suppression system, which safeguards the machinery and mine operators, is practical, transportable, and trustworthy. It applies to all mobile mining machinery and equipment to have them ready for the worst.
Direct low pressure systems
Firefighting valves we deal in are made to boost the system equipment life. These indirectly contribute to the savingof water. Utilization of the said valves can do away with the unnecessary operations. Pressure is reduced so as to enable good utility in assorted applications.
Vehicle Fire Suppression System
Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems we deal in are crucial to prevent the outspread of fire. These can prevent from the costly damage of building. More prominently, these can prevent the injury of employees.
Fire Protection System
Fire protection systems we offer are integrated with standard fire protection. These are compatible with sprinklers as well as fire alarms. In addition, these can reduce the risk of loss of life. Offered systems can ensure the safety of the commercial buildings.
Clean Agent Suppression Systems
Clean agent suppression systems put out fires by dousing them with a non-toxic substance. Typically, the cleaning agent is a halocarbon, like Halon 1301, or a fluorocarbon, like Freon. Clean agent suppression systems are highly efficient, easy to use and reliable. 
CQRS Fire Suppression Systems
CQRS fire suppression systems work by automatically detecting and triggering the release of a suppression agent into the protected space, to protect enclosed spaces from fire. They immediately activate when detect a rise in temperature linked to fires and starts putting out the flames. 

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