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Automatic Fire Protection System

Modern safety infrastructure must include automatic fire protection systems, which are built to find, confine, and put out flames in a variety of settings. These highly developed systems are designed to react rapidly and automatically to the presence of flames, smoke, or heat, reducing possible damage and protecting human lives. AUTOMATIC FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS are available in a variety of designs that are adapted to certain environments, such as institutional, commercial, and residential buildings. These systems, which ensure adherence to strict safety standards and rules, are positioned strategically to cover wide regions and include redundancy and fail-safe features to ensure dependability.

automatic co2 extinguishing system

This type of fire extinguishing system consists of high-pressure cylinders or low-pressure tanks containing carbon dioxide (CO2) agent under pressure, connected to fixed piping and nozzles. The systems are used for total flooding of a volume or for local application.
Price: 100000 INR/Set

Aerosol fire extinguisher

Price: 35000 INR/Bottle